Oconomowoc Lacrosse Club
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Summer Programs

Welcome to the Oconomowoc Lacrosse Clubs Summer Programs

The Oconomowoc Lacrosse Club is committed to providing high-quality and affordable opportunities for boys and girls to learn and play the game of lacrosse. Our primary objective is to provide a safe, positive and fun environment in which children of all ages can:

  • learn the game of lacrosse
  • develop their movement ABCs-agility, balance, coordination and speed
  • learn life skills and empowerment through participation in sport
  • and to honor the game of lacrosse through good sportsmanship 

Little Scoopers Program

Out little scoopers program is new to us this year. But we are going to bring the same love to this program as we do to all of them. This program is open for anyone in the 1st or 2nd Grade!

Check out our Little Scoopers Program page for more information.

Oconomwooc Lacrosse Club Summer Camp

Lacrosse doesn't stop when the MAYLA season comes to an end. Our summer program is here to introduce new children to the sport of lacrosee without the stress of the game. It's also a great opportunity to keep the boys and girls between 3rd and 8th grade engaged in Lacrosse during the Summer off season with weekly practices.

Check out our Summer Camp page for more information.